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answer some questions over at the at the Columbia University Press blog — about the site, the book, and international fiction.


Kindle edition

The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book formats — including, now, finally (it took them a while to list it), in the Kindle format. If that’s your preferred version, you can now get it here — as well at all the international Amazon-outlets.

Man Booker International Prize shortlist

They’ve announced another shortlist — this one for the Man Booker International Prize. (Reminder for those who haven’t been playing along so far: the Man Booker International Prize used to be a biennial prize for an author (writing in any language, but with books available in English); now — starting this year — it is an annual book prize for the best UK-published English translation of a work by a living author. Essentially and effectively, it replaces the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, which lives on only in this form now …).

The six shortlisted titles are: Continue reading

International DUBLIN Literary Award shortlist

As I frequently note, international literary prizes can be a good guide to significant new foreign fiction — not just the winning titles, but also the short- and long-lists (which is why among the resources-pages here you’ll find one for Prizes (with information about and links to many of the leading ones)).

The International DUBLIN Literary Award is a €100,000 prize “for a novel written in English or translated into English”, with the entries nominated by libraries from around the world (which is not ideal — see my comments about this year’s longlist — but does make for an interesting, broad range of titles).

They’ve now announced this year’s shortlist (of ten titles), and it consists of::

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New books – April 2016

The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction can only get you so far, of course: stuck in print, it can’t point you to the newest publications and translations — but that’s where these pages come in: here (and of course at the Complete Review itself) I will continue to try to guide you to the best of contemporary international.fiction. (You probably hear enough about the new releases by American and British writers, so I’ll concentrate on books in translation.)

So what are some of the most exciting and significant new translations appearing in the US in and around April ? Continue reading

Recently deceased

Several authors mentioned in The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction have passed away in recent weeks —an old guard, but still significant losses. But perhaps their passing serves as a reminder that might lead readers back to some of their work; I’d certainly recommend it.

Recently deceased:



(Almost) out there

The publication date is April 5 (though some places seem to be clinging to that original April 19 date), but there have already been sightings of The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction in the wild and Amazon has been shipping it out already so you can already get your copy, if you want to — and surely you want to, right?

If your local bookseller doesn’t stock it yet s/he can certainly order it for you; otherwise, you can readily get it from Amazon.com (all the ones abroad, too, like Amazon.co.uk) or publisher Columbia University Press.