It’s nice to see continuing review-coverage for The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction —and in particular the international interest:

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Review – The Berkshire Edge

Exciting to see a review of the book in The Berkshire Edge today !

Colin Harrington concludes:

This is the book that will bring new world books to American bookshelves in much greater numbers as it will pique our curiosity about writers in every country on earth. This book will be exchanged and borrowed and talked about in reading circles and college literature departments for its empowering access to world literature, for its resourcefulness, and for opening the doors to literature from anywhere in the world

So isn’t it time you got your copy ?

International DUBLIN Literary Award

The International DUBLIN Literary Award is yet another of the international literary prizes I include on the Prizes-page here, since it considers a great deal of international fiction, both originally written in English as well as in translation.

They’ve announced this year’s winner, and it is Family Life, by Akhil Sharma, which has been out for a while already.(it was one of The New York Times Book Review‘s The 10 Best Books of 2014). Continue reading


What’s particularly pleasing about early reactions to The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction is that it is leading readers to new books and authors — which is sort of the point of the book!

So it’s great to see reactions like this: