‘The Global Anthology’

A new initiative at the Culture Trip “highlights a work of prose from every country on Earth, as well as many nations, states, sovereignties, territories, and flag-less regions” — 220 selections!

Check out the Global Anthology, a good introduction to at least an example of literature from most places and all corners of the world.


PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants

PEN America has announced the 2017 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants, awarded to 15 projects covering 13 different languages, each now subsidized with a $3,870. Several works of fiction are among them, and while some are still looking for publishers we can hope to see them all available in English eventually.

TLS review

In the Times Literary Supplement (2 December 2016) Michael LaPointe reviews several titles dealing with transnational literature — including my very own The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction.

A great review, in which he notes:

Orthofer’s Guide, which one can hardly believe was written by a single individual, traces almost every nation’s literature since 1945, with a particular emphasis on the past two decades.

And he suggests it is:

(T)he most complete resource for readers of a transnational bent, interested in further expanding their horizons.


Especially impressive are the chapters on Chinese and Iranian fiction, and adventurous readers will make good on the inclusion of sub-genres

Coming in translation

Last week the National Endowment for the Arts announced 23 fellowships to support literary translation; for more details about the translators and their projects see the pdf release.

It will be a while before we will actually be able to read these (in English), but it’s great to see much-needed financial support for such an interesting variety of literary projects.

Review – The Berkshire Edge

Exciting to see a review of the book in The Berkshire Edge today !

Colin Harrington concludes:

This is the book that will bring new world books to American bookshelves in much greater numbers as it will pique our curiosity about writers in every country on earth. This book will be exchanged and borrowed and talked about in reading circles and college literature departments for its empowering access to world literature, for its resourcefulness, and for opening the doors to literature from anywhere in the world

So isn’t it time you got your copy ?