Popular Chinese fiction overview

At the admirable Global Literature in Libraries Initiative Heather Inwood offers a nice historical overview and introduction to Popular Genre Fiction in China. From some real classics — The Story of the Stone! —  to very contemporary fare. Worth checking out.


Reading suggestions: the Balkans; Mexico

Suggested-reading lists abound on the internet, including some focused on foreign fiction. Here are two regional ones you might want to check out:

‘Global Literature in Libraries’ initiative

At the Public Library Association Judith Sage and Chrissy Bellizzi introduce the new Global Literature in Libraries Initiative.

It has:

the goal of increasing awareness of international literature within the library community, with a special emphasis on contemporary fiction

So if you’ve enjoyed my The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction then this is definitely something to keep an eye on.


The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction (Columbia University Press, 2016) will be published on 5 April — and so it is time to also unveil and introduce this blog and these pages, which you can think of as a frequently-updated supplement to the book.


The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction is exactly that — an overview and introduction to fiction from around the world. It is also only a starting point: there is so much more out there — and there is also always more being published and translated into English.

At the Complete Review-website I continue to review a great deal of contemporary fiction, and you can always turn there to find coverage of many new and recent international and translated titles, but I hope these pages will also serve as a useful resource, complementing the book.

The links-pages provide links to a variety of resources, from publishers specializing in fiction in translation to review-sites that specialize in international fiction to inter/national literary prizes that honor the best works in translation, as well as the best inter/national fiction.

Meanwhile, this blog will provide the latest news on newly released titles of interest, the biggest literary and translation prizes, as well as some commentary on authors, books, and international literary news (though for daily coverage you should, of course, visit the Complete Review‘s own Literary Saloon).