Jan Michalski Prize for Literature

The Jan Michalski Prize for Literature is a CHF50,000 book prize that’s unusual for several reasons. First, it doesn’t differentiate between fiction and non-fiction. Second, it’s willing to consider any title, “irrespective of the language in which it is written”. (In reality, it is somewhat limited, with books generally having to at least be available in a French, German, or English translation, but that’s still much farther-ranging than the International Dublin Literary Award or the Man Booker International Prize, for example.

They’ve now announced this year’s winner: The Physics of Sorrow (by Georgi Gospodinov) — another fine choice (but you already knew that, since both author and book are mentioned in The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction).

The other two finalists were also novels: The Way Things Were (by Aatish Taseer), and Što pepeo priča (by Dževad Karahasan; see the Suhrkamp foreign rights page).